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Ambassador Submission Page

Pixie Pacific Ambassador Palms

We take pride in our efforts to have our brand spread by babes of all backgrounds.

Before submitting your media, please make sure that it meets the following criteria so we can post your images publically.

 Ambassador Media Rules

  • No Nudity
  • No alcohol is to be visible in your images
  • No signs of affiliation (sexuality, sports teams, colleges, favorite _?_... etc.)
  • Take images that are similar to the examples below
 Guidelines for Ambassador Images
 Full Body Crop
Pixie Pacific Full Crop Swimwear
Half Body Crop
Pixie Pacific Half Crop Swimwear
Candid Image
Pixie Pacific Candid Swimwear

Email us at with the subject "Pixie Pacific Ambassador"  if you have any questions.

 We are always looking for babes to join our Pixie Pacific family. 
If you have friends that would like to join the ambassador program, pass along the information on how to join!

What we do for our babes:

  • Exclusive discounts and ability to earn free bikinis through sales!
  • Access to our commission program; earn $$$ for your referral sales!
  • Inside access to our launches for new products
  • First peek at our flash sales before they go public
  • Features on our instagram/website page