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Ambassador Rules and Policies

So you want to be a Pixie Pacific Ambassador? That’s awesome!
We take pride in our efforts to have our brand spread by babes of all backgrounds.


There are a few rules to go over first …

To qualify for our FREE swimwear ambassador program there are a few restrictions, but we think they’re pretty fair considering how awesome you’ll look in your new, free swimwear!

  • As an Ambassador, you'll qualify for 1 Free bikini / swimwear. Simply cover our cost of shipping which is usually $13.00.
  • You must make an online order from our ambassador portal for the swimwear you want to show off. Payment for your order must be made in full and make sure to use the coupon code ambassador so we can track your order to give you full credit. 
  • You’ll have 30 days from the date you receive your swimwear to produce the media you would like to make as an ambassador.
  • Your media must meet the guidelines outlined in the ambassador rules.
  • You’ll receive a full refund for your ambassador order, minus the cost of our Packing and shipping, usually only $13.00. Credit for your order will be issued within two weeks after reviewing your submitted media.

 Ambassador Media Rules

  • No Nudity
  • No alcohol is to be visible in your images
  • No signs of affiliation (sexuality, sports teams, colleges, favorite _?_... etc.)
  • Take images that are similar to the examples below
 Guidelines for Ambassador Images

 Full Body Crop

Pixie Pacific Full Crop Swimwear

Half Body Crop

Pixie Pacific Half Crop Swimwear

Candid Image

Pixie Pacific Candid Swimwear

Email us at with the subject "Pixie Pacific Ambassador"  if you have any questions.